Organizational Development & Transformation

Departmental/Organizational Climate & Effectiveness

We do in-depth work with units to assess and improve departmental/organizational climate and effectiveness. This work can involve a combination of our other services, tailored to your unique needs, challenges, and context. In addition, it can be proactive to explore what might be done even better, or responsive to assess and address workplace climate concerns.

Change Management Assistance

We provide assistance with effectively engaging change management, including help with challenges that arise in the process. Whether you are a leader implementing a change or an employee in a unit experiencing change, we welcome you to contact us to help you navigate the process effectively.

Ombuds Office Anonymous Input

As another way to address concerns, and in order to advance positive change in the institution, the Ombuds Office provides input to leaders, administration, and/or others in positions of influence on overall trends or concerns regarding a particular matter. This input is shared only if it is possible to uphold the confidentiality and anonymity of visitors, unless the visitors request that their identities be revealed or there is a situation of imminent risk of serious harm.