Office of the Ombuds Library

The Ombuds Office Library has hundreds of books available for check-out by UA employees and students to help you expand your knowledge and skills on topics related to effective communication, collaboration, and conflict management.

Please click here for our list of library books. (link coming soon)

To check out a book please contact the Ombuds Office at 520-626-5589.

Please note that, due to the informal nature of Ombuds Office services, our library relies on the honor system. In the event you lose, damage, or decide to keep one of our books, we greatly appreciate you replacing it (or providing us with the funds to replace it) so that another visitor may benefit from the book. Thank you.

Address for sending books:

University of Arizona Ombuds Office
Administration 709
PO Box 210066
Tucson, AZ, 85721