Mediation & Facilitation


"Things are going really well now amicable and with good communication. I feel really good about the whole process. Thanks a lot for everything." - Anonymous Visitor (services provided: mediation for supervisor-employee conflict)

Facilitated Dialogue

The Ombuds Office facilitates dialogue between two or more people who would like an uninvolved, impartial facilitator to guide them through discussions or processes. Since everyone on a team has some stake in the conversations and outcomes, teams often find it helpful to have an outside facilitator, especially when there are controversial topics to navigate or big decisions to make. Feel free to contact us to facilitate your next meeting. We can help you to proactively prevent destructive conflict from arising, or help you to manage it effectively if it already has.

Informal Mediation

Mediation involves facilitated discussion between two or more people encountering conflict or other difficulties. Mediation provides an opportunity for participants to discuss their needs, issues, concerns, etc., build understanding, and move forward in a positive way. The mediator acts as an impartial facilitator, creates a safe space for participants to talk openly and honestly, asks questions, assists participants in building understanding, guides the process forward, and facilitates participants reaching a mutually satisfactory agreement. The mediator does not make decisions for the participants or determine the outcome(s). Please note that the Ombuds Office does not keep records of mediation agreements due to the informal, off-the-record nature of our services. Like all Ombuds Office services, mediation is voluntary and Ombuds Office confidentiality and terms of use apply. Your participation in the process indicates your understanding and agreement to Ombuds Office confidentiality and terms of use.

Shuttle Diplomacy / Intermediary

The Ombuds Office provides shuttle-diplomacy in situations where it isn't feasible, possible, or agreeable/appropriate for the involved parties to meet in person. Shuttle diplomacy involves the Ombuds acting as an intermediary, communicating with each visitor separately and communicating information back-and-forth between visitors in order to build understanding on issues and arrive at a mutually satisfactory agreement.

Large Group Processes

Large group processes are essentially facilitated dialogue (see above description) on a large scale. This can be, for example, on the departmental, college, or organizational level. Large group processes are helpful when exploring or implementing big ideas, new initiatives, and change processes. Please also see information about our Organizational Development & Change services.