Evaluation Results

Selected comments about the training/workshop/presentation:

  • “Good balance of presentation with application”
  • “So helpful – makes me feel stronger”
  • “Well prepared, useful information and handouts”
  • “The prompts to start conversations were excellent”
  • “This training was excellent – thanks!”
  • “Thoughtfully put together”

100% of participants were satisfied with the training/workshop/presentation, of which 77% were very satisfied

Selected comments about the trainer(s)/presenter(s):

  • “Great understanding of real issues”
  • “Very engaging and provided relatable examples”
  • “Caitlan is very effective and engaging, the presentation was organized and thorough”
  • “We can be a difficult group – you did a good job at getting folks to participate”
  • “Relaxed and enjoyable presentation”
  • “Very respectful”
  • “Very professional – great listeners and speakers”

100% of participants were satisfied with the trainer(s)/presenter(s), of which 87% were very satisfied

What about this training/workshop worked well for you?

  • “The whole presentation was effective and engaging”
  • “The activities were inventive and brought a lot of insight”
  • “The training was relevant for our work and valuable”
  • “Role-playing was enlightening”
  • “The interactive nature of the presentation”
  • “Laid back, easy to talk to trainers”
  • “Communication with different types of personalities, and expectations”
  • “The exercises were helpful”
  • “I liked the interactive activities”
  • “Everything was helpful”
  • “It was participatory”
  • “The activities helped to open discussion”
  • ”The partnering to apply content and practice”
  • “Bringing in real-world examples, work-related examples, to expand on training/questions”
  • “The small group work/activities, role-plays, and opportunity to practice/apply”
  • “Being able to associate all scenarios to real life work/current situations helps take away what we can do to better our communication”
  • “Closed vs. open-ended questions and how to better phrase things”
  • “Great info tailored to our needs, interactive”
  • “Learning about different communication techniques to step down aggressive tones/questions”

100% of respondents agreed with the learning outcomes assessment questions, with a majority of respondents strongly agreeing.