Education & Professional Development


We provide one-on-one coaching to help you advance your skills and confidence in relation to communication, collaboration, and conflict management. Please feel free to contact us for coaching if:

  • There is a particular workplace/academic relationship, situation, or dynamic that you would like to improve, or a non-workplace/academic situation that is affecting your effectiveness at work/school.
  • You would like to proactively work on your communication, collaboration, and conflict management skills
  • You would like to more deeply integrate the skills you learned in an Ombuds Office training
  • You are preparing for a mediation and want to contribute to its success by engaging in the process most effectively
  • You want support in the process of transforming a relationship post-mediation or in maintaining/sustaining a mediation agreement
  • You are a leader who would like to enhance your conflict competency and/or your communication and collaboration with your team

Trainings/Workshops & Presentations

We offer trainings/workshops and presentations on topics related to effective communication, collaboration, and conflict management. Trainings can be general or specific, introductory or advanced, or anywhere in between. We are happy to tailor our training/workshop/presentation to meet the unique needs and context of your team. We provide trainings proactively for units wanting to learn more about effective workplace communication, collaboration and conflict management, or to prevent destructive conflict. We also provide trainings in response to challenges that have arisen. Trainings can be a stand-alone service, or integrated with other Ombuds Office services in order to address multiple challenges or multiple levels of issues. Please also see our Organizational Development page.

Please click here for information on our training/workshop/presentation evaluation results

Informational Presentations & Consultations

We provide informational presentations and consultations in order to get the word out about our services and put a face to the Ombuds Office for you. We also appreciate the opportunity to meet you and learn more about what you and your team do. Please contact us to meet with you or to invite us to present at your upcoming team/staff/faculty/student meeting!

Ombuds Program Library

We have hundreds of books on topics related to effective communication, collaboration, and conflict management that are available for check-out to UA employees and students. Please visit the Ombuds Office Library page for more information.