About the Office of the Ombuds


The Office of the Ombuds is dedicated to the health and safety of all in our community especially the immuno-compromised, our elders, and those who are not given equitable access to healthcare, housing, food, and sanitation. Your safety and well-being are still (and will continue to be) our top priority. Because of this, we will not hold in-person meetings for the duration of this crisis. However, your Ombuds continues to be a resource for students, staff, faculty, and University of Arizona community members.

We can set up a Zoom meeting or a meeting by phone. Please, email us at ombuds@email.arizona.edu or call 520-626-5589 to leave a confidential message and someone will return your call as soon as possible. 

Additional information: You can stay up-to-date on the campus response to COVID-19 by visiting the University of Arizona's COVID-19 site.

The Ombuds Office is...

A confidential, informal, impartial, and independent resource for effective communication, collaboration, and conflict management.

We Serve

All levels of UA employees and students, in all UA units and colleges, as well as others who have a university-related concern.

We Help

With a wide variety of issues, concerns, questions, conflicts, and challenges.

  • Teams/units wanting to work together most effectively or harmoniously
  • Difficulties with co-workers, supervisors, and employees
  • Challenges with professors, advisors, and students
  • Issues with team members or coaches
  • Clashes of style – including communication, conflict, personality, work and leadership styles
  • Departmental/workplace climate and culture
  • Concerns related to equity, fairness, and respect
  • Concerns about career progression
  • Concerns about supervisor or employee effectiveness
  • Intra and inter-departmental issues
  • Systemic and long-standing issues
  • Identifying and connecting with appropriate resources and channels for assistance
  • Clarification of university policies and procedures
  • And more

We Work on Many Levels

From one-on-one to small and large groups, from individual to departmental, organizational, and systemic level concerns/issues.

Conflict and Other Challenges Impact the UA Community

Related to their concern/situation, Ombuds Office visitors report experiencing high levels of stress/anxiety, damage to or loss of important professional and/or personal relationships, low/decreased morale, sleep loss, difficulty focusing on work/school, detrimental impacts to physical and/or mental health, reputational impact/damage, and more.

Are you unsure of how to handle a complex, tense, or unideal situation with a colleague/employee/supervisor, or with your entire team or department? Are you interested in responding to a situation in the most effective way possible? Do you have a situation that has gotten out of hand? We invite you to contact us to help you move forward in a responsive and positive manner, no matter how small, large, or messy your situation may be. If it isn’t something we can assist you with directly we can connect you to other helpful resources.